Joe Cerisano
Joe Cerisano, featured singer for The Trans-Siberian Orchresta is an acclaimed singer, songwriter who has the distinction of possessing one of the most influential voices in America. Joe developed a singing style that absorbed and combined a wide variety of influences, then mixed them all with his native West Virginia dialect. The resulting combination makes for a classic and original American singer's voice.
In the early 1990's Joe and his songwriting partner Marc Blatte began writing a series of songs that reflected the most important thing in Joe's life (his family) and what it takes to raise a family in this day and age.
The resulting music evolved to become the album Carbon Copy.
Carbon Copy emphasizes the traits and traditions that have been passed on to us by our parents.
As children, we sometimes tried to avoid many of these characteristics and customs through the act known as "rebellion." However, as we grow older, many times we find ourselves actually beginning to think, act, and become "carbon copies" of our parents. Carbon Copy was a project of labor and love for Joe Cerisano.

Recorded in New York, Nashville, and at Joe's home in New Jersey, Carbon Copy features three of the world's finest guitarists: Eric Weissberg (John Denver, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, and 1973 Grammy winner for "Dueling Banjos"), Jeff Pevar (RayCharles, Phil Collins, David Crosby, CPR, Graham Nash, Carly Simon, and James Taylor), and Ira Siegel (Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Jewell, Bette Midler, Steve Winwood, etc).


 by Roxanne Blanford
Carbon Copy is a sincere effort by singer Joe Cerisano to capture endearing themes of family and tradition onto a disc of rock-inflected pop. His humble, heartfelt style -- part Eric Clapton, part Bruce Springsteen, part Bob Seger -- uses blues, gospel, and country-rock melodies to explore intimate and personal revelations. Spirited melodies meld with convincing storytelling as Cerisano sings, "The older I get, the more I understand I'm a Carbon Copy of my old man."

"Healing Hand" employs the reverent joy of a gospel chorus, whereas "Reasons" evokes the emotionalism of a Bob Seger ballad. Carbon Copy also features some of rock's most accomplished guitarists (Eric Weissberg, Jeff Pevar, and Ira Siegel) who have worked with the likes of John Denver, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, James Taylor, Celine Dion, and Steve Winwood. With its penetrating moral (and mortal) reflections, Carbon Copy considers loss and discovery through one man's vibrant musical canvas.
Fantastic-a hearfelt spiritual journey.

author: Scott Piehler

This CD blew me away. Impossible to categorize, and impossible to forget. This disc manages to be hauntingly personal without falling into the navel-gazing that so often dooms "sensitive" singer-songwriters. Joe C. can crank it up, or lay it back, and it_just_flat_works.

If you like your music honest and spiritual, without being preachy, order this disc NOW!


Joe Cerisano

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