Silver Condor 1st

Joe Cerisano

Billboard Magazine Review of Silver Condor's first album

Fatigue is not the usual impetus for forming a band, but it was in the case of Silver Condor.Lea guitarist Earl slck had tired of nonstop session work in late 1979 and although his credits include working on David bowie's "Young Americans" Daavid Live and Station To Station" and John Lennon and Yoki Ono's Double fantasy" Slick wanted his ouw group. Slick ran into his old friend guitarist Tom Morrengello and singer Ian Hunter who were on tour at the time and asked the to recommend a vocalist. Joe Cerisano was the choice, a singer/songwriter who had been working his way through the New York / New Jersey club scene. Jay Davis a bassist from Atlanta who had moved to Los Angles, joined and persuaded his roommate, pianist /guitarist/ vocalist John Corey to join. Slick stumbled across Claude Pepper, a high school friend and veteran of the new York music scene. After making a demo tape, the band asked Mike Flicker to produce their first Columbia album. Silver Condor is managed by Trudy Green. The booking agent is Premier Talent.

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